New audiobook: “Der Unfall”

A road accident,
A new love,
A secluded house.

At Audible you can hear me read Andree Metzler’s gripping new thriller “Der Unfall” (The Accident), which you can also find at Amazon – only in German though. What’s it about?

Meli van Bergen is a successful real estate agent. She lives her life on the fast lane until an accident puts an end to that. Paraplegia, wheelchair, depression. While trying to improve her situation, she meets cheerful therapist Tom who soon shows her that life is still worth living.

They fall in love, marry and movie into an isolated house at a lake. Surrounded by nature, without a phone or internet access, Meli is starting to feel much better. But soon the past catches up to her. Their little paradise starts showing cracks and suddenly, Meli has to fight for her life …