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Off to Lake Constance!

Recently I’ve shot for the ARD series Wapo Bodensee (Water Police Lake Constance). I can’t share any details yet but am excited to hear what you think of my adventures with Paul Schott (Tim Wilde).

Time for Wilsberg!

On 22 May (8.15pm MET) the “Wilsberg” episode “Aus heiterem Himmel” will be airing on ZDF, featuring me as highly motivated police officer Isabel Wolfangel. Let’s see what exiting details I can find out! You can watch that episode (in German) early online at ZDF-Mediathek!

Sarah Alles

#gegenGewalt on TikTok

Sarah recently joined TikTok as @sarah_alles and started off her time there as part of a campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. If you understand a bit of German, she’ll give you some pointers about how to best defend yourself and show that “Don’t dress like that!” and “Just […]

Appearing on Wilsberg

Celebrations are in order! I’m happy to announce that the shoot for the funny crime series “Wilsberg” starring Leonard Lansink, which was set to happen in March/April, will now finally be taking place in August. You’ll see me as a young and very motivated policewoman.

Sarah Classics: Immer Wirbel um Marie

In 2008 I was part of a made-for-TV musical drama, “Immer Wirbel um Marie”, which ARD showed again this May. It is available in their Mediathek until 2 Aug 2020. The movie tells the heartwarming story of bookseller Marie who is struggling to make ends meet and finds herself facing off against the owner of […]

New audiobook: “Der Unfall”

A road accident, A new love, A secluded house. At Audible you can hear me read Andree Metzler’s gripping new thriller “Der Unfall” (The Accident), which you can also find at Amazon – only in German though. What’s it about? Meli van Bergen is a successful real estate agent. She lives her life on the […]

At the André McFly Show

So I’ve landed on the moon. A strange statement, you think? Here you can find out more about it (don’t worry, I haven’t joined a cult): in the 29th episode of the McFly Show. (image: https://show.andre-mcfly.de/)

Interview on Quotenmeter

A new year, a new interview! Well okay, this one was published at the end of last year. I’m hopeful though that you’ll still find it interesting. In the interview (in German) you’ll find out more about my criteria for choosing a role.

Appearing on Webtalkshow

I was a guest at Webtalkshow hosted by Nico Gutjahr and talked, among other things, about my latest trip on the “Traumschiff” (Dream Boat) and about its new captain, Florian Silbereisen. You can listen to the interview (in German) here.

Um Himmels Willen – Rerun

Today they showed a rerun of the episode “Jung gefreit” (Married Young) of the show UM HIMMELS WILLEN (For Heaven’s Sake) on WDR. In it I play Christa, a girl whose wedding cannot come (or be cancelled) soon enough, depending on who you ask. You can watch it here at WDR’s media library.

Sarah at sea

Those following me on Instagram and/or Facebook have already heard it: The episode of “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück” (“Cruise toward happiness”) will be aired soon. I play Annalena, who is on her honeymoon and faces the prospect of having to reveal a big secret. Beautiful landscapes and dramatic and romantic moments are guaranteed! You can catch […]

Sarah @ BB Radio Mitternachtstalk

For those of you who understand German, you can catch me tonight at BB Radio’s midnight talk where I’ll be interviewed by Jens Herrmann. If that’s too late for you (because some of us really do need that good night’s sleep), don’t stress, you can find the recording at their website HERE (in German).


At the start of the year, a new self-defence app arrived at the iOS app store: MIGHTY. It is primarily targeted at women and I helped illustrate the moves. Here you can download it and train with me as I present some of the workouts. There a one week trial to try it out.

Cross-Country international, part 2

Cross-Country is travelling the Balkans. The film in which I portray Isabella, a young woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis will be part of the programme at the 17th Film Festival Seize the Film in Novi Sad (Serbia). The festival will then travel on to Rijeka (Croatia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegowina) and Kotor (Montenegro). For […]

A wedding in paradise

The shoot for the German TV series Das Traumschiff – Kreuzfahrt ins Glück (“The Dreamboat”) took place in a gorgeous part of France called Normandy. Wonderful colleagues, among them “my fiancé”, played by Ben Blaskovic, made this experience one to remember (even though on some days I felt like I was melting).

Sarah at Dr. Schmidt’s surgery

It’s time again to go see the doctor. In the episode “Wedding Day” of the German comedy series Schmidt – Chaos auf Rezept I play kindergarten teacher Maya who would like to get some antibiotics and is perfectly fine providing a urine sample that proves to contain a little surprise. What’s that gonna be? Meanwhile, […]

Cross-Country international

Our short Cross-Country (sometimes also titled “off road” internationally) will be travelling: this time to Brussels (Belgium) for The Extraordinary Film Festival (time to break out the French subtitles) and to Poland for the 16. European Film Festival Integration You and Me in Koszalin. Both festivals deal with the big topic disability and a small […]

PANDORA at Genrenale 6

5 May 2019 at 2pm, UCI Colosseum (Berlin): At this year’s Genrenale they will show the short film PANDORA in which I play Sherman, member of the Resistance, who is searching for a girl with supernatural powers. This will be one of the last times this film will be shown on the big screen and […]

How to flirt your way into hospital

Having the hots for the son of the head physician at the local hospital can get you premium treatment on the operating table. How that comes about, you can see in the episode “Ein grünes Herz” (A green heart) of the German TV series In aller Freundschaft here on ARD Mediathek.

Sarah at Dr Kleist’s surgery

Prudent pregnant women regularly visit the doctor of their choice – to get routine check-ups when everything is going as planned and, at the very latest, when things start going wrong. While my pregnancy wasn’t real, I nevertheless felt quite safe in the hands of this medical team. You can watch my visit to the […]

Beck is Back

On 12th Feb there’ll be a new episode of Beck is back on RTL at 8.15pm and I also make an appearance as a mother fighting for a donor heart to save her child’s life. This story really moved me and got me to think more about the topic. I had never really thought about becoming an organ donor, […]

Sarah on TV

On Monday (28th Jan), Sat1 will show an episode of “Der Bulle und das Biest” featuring yours truly. It’s crime time: Elias, Rocky and Caro are investigating the murder of a used car salesman. The trail leads to a multitude of illegal businesses, among them a very suspicious real estate company in which I (as […]

Interview in “Discover Germany”

2019 has just begun and already there’s something to share: Discover Germany interviewed me for their latest issue (January, pages 22-23). Especially those who have been following me for a while might be interested in the part where I talk about what is planned for this year. Exciting! You can find out more about this […]

At the End of the World

I’m very excited to announce that you can soon see me in my very first American production! The movie is called Civil Twilight and as you can see we had the most picturesque setting (that also happened to be insanely COLD), namely Svalbard, in the northern-most settlement of the world. As you can imagine, it was an […]

Sarah Alles

Blauhauch awakens

What happens when 9 women meet to dream? Blauhauch deal with what it means to be a woman in this day and age – something that will also be interesting for men. Twice we went into seclusion to work on the material. Now our creative baby will meet the world, in Berlin, and you can […]

What would you do …?

… if your child desperately needed a heart donation, were at the top of the waiting list, but the next donor heart went to the “wrong” child due to a doctor’s mistake? That is a question I had to ask myself while working on “Beck is Back!”, where I play the mother of a gravely […]

Sarah pregnant?! – For now just on screen

I’m always very happy and excited to meet familiar faces and work with lovely people. This time on the German series “Familie Dr. Kleist” (Family Doctor Kleist) in which Patrick Kalupa is playing my husband. My character is a typical workaholic, always putting way too much on her plate and putting her pregnancy at risk […]

Moormaid on Arcola Theatre London

Dreams do come true

My UK stage debut in London: Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic to herself. Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past. This explosive new play about self-destruction and rebirth attempts to […]


My first apperance in an action movie and yes, I am a little proud ;-)

Again on TV

On saturday 14th october, 19:25 h – 20:15 h at ZDF. This time in the German Series Dr. Klein (Dr. Small): This episode is about the young P.E. teacher Monika Gerlach (played by moi) who has fallen in love with her student and secretly has an affair with him.

Blue Breath

13 women – one project: We want put dreams on stage! We want to take our audience with us to a magical Dreamworld. Have a look.

Akte Ex

Rebroadcast „Heiter bis Tödlich – Akte Ex“

For the night owls among you: Always in the night from Monday to Tuesday around 1.00 clock run in the RBB the repetitions from “Heiter bis Tödlich – Akte Ex”. The last broadcast is on 18 September (episode 16).

A view into paradise

A visit to paradise

Always wanted to take a visit to paradise? No problem: On 16th and 17th jeweils at 8 p.m. in Berlin at the wonderful Theater unterm Dach” you get a nice view of it. Accompany us on a audio-visual trip into the Garden of Eden. Silver-tongued, lovely and garanteed enlightening. With the one and only Charles […]

Bad girl


14th July 18:05 h at ZDF (German Television) you can discover a completely different side of me. In Soko Stuttgart I play a drug addict that quickly is the main suspect of her drug dealer’s murder.

Sarah Alles in *Querfeldein*

Querfeldein (cross-country)

Just finished the shooting of my latest festival film „Querfeldein“ (“cross-country“). It was very demanding, but highly rewarding. It tells the story of Isa, an athlete who gets MS. The film is also about how a such a disease probably will affect her relationship.

Sarah goes Hollywood?!?

Well, first I start in London. Very curious what happens from here.
So proud to be represented by Irving Street Management.


Love Boat (Traumschiff)

Who wants to spend Christmas with me? You only have to receive German Television. On 26th December 20:15h on ZDF you will see me in Love Boat (Traumschiff)…


This is insane! My heart starts beating faster…

new hair, new me

new hair, new me

I wanted something new, so I decided to cut my hair short. But when I saw my hair laying on the floor I startet to ask myself: “Was that a good idea?”

Sarah Alles in new commercial

New commercial

Recently, the new Bayer aspirin commercial is running.
Who has not seen them yet – it is as video clip in the gallery.

*The family* is back

The family is back!

3rd/4th/8th/26th november I will be playing “August: Osage County” as Anette Frier’s daughter.

Hard candy

Hard candy – last perfomances

21st und 22nd november will be the last times we play “hard candy” at Theater unterm Dach. But this time we have a guest of honour.

Theatre, theatre

Following the successful first two instalments, I will be playing Hard Candy again. New stage design, new theatre.

Light that obscures

LIGHT THAT OBSCURES, October 21st 2014, Solo Cinema Premiere, Austrian Cultural Forum, London and GROUP EXHIBITION, 7th November – 7th December 2014, Clement Page, Christina Leithe, Hansen Margarida Paiva, Akerhus Kunstsenter, Lillestrom, Norway

New projects

Another year has begun and again there are several interesting projects I can look forward to.

TV dates for November

There’ll be all-new episodes of “Akte Ex” (The Ex-Files) on das Erste, starting the 5th of November, every Tuesday at 6.50pm.

Red roses

The “Rote Rosen” (“Red Roses”) family celebrated their 1,500th episode with many current and former cast members.

Tracks of Crime

On 25 April at 20.15h, RTL will show the pilot of “Mantrailer-Spuren des Verbrechens” (“Tracks of Crime”)
A series of attacks against members of a special task force shocks Berlin.

Time to tune in again

On the 2nd of March, 7.55am, on RTL “Schmidt-Chaos auf Rezept” (Schmidt – Chaos on

Portrait Sarah Alles


In late January I had a great photo shoot with Clemens Haardiek, a photographer with particularly interesting projects. He does portraits of people in cafés as they are, more or less, having a conversation.
Here are some samples of this shoot.

New year – new projects

A new year has just begun and once again there are several new and interesting projects that I’m really looking forward to.

Am 13.1. feierte das Theaterstück “Gerüchte… Gerüchte” im Theater am Kurfürstendamm Premiere eine großartige Premiere.

Just shot!


I’m happy to announce that “The Lancastrian”, with myself in one of the leading roles, has been nominated for this year’s Short Film Festival in Cannes!

München 7

Tune in!

On 18/04/2012 at 6.30pm, ARD will air the episode “Wachtmeister Abdul” (Constable Abdul) of the early evening series “München 7″ in which I play a Turkish girl named Melek Armut.

Henker & Richter

Tune in!

On 22/3/2012 at 6:30pm, ARD will air an episode of “Henker &amp Richter” featuring myself as Pia Zander.

Weltraumpanda und Schilkröte (Space Panda and Turtle).


On 23/03/2012 at 8 pm, the Short Film Festival of Landshut will show the short film “Weltraumpanda und Schilkröte” (Space Panda and Turtle).

Tune in!

On 16/1/2012 at 1:15 pm, einsfestival will air the comedy “Tausche Firma gegen Haushalt” (Trading Company for Household) in which I’m playing a part.

The end of one thing is usually the beginning of something new

My time in Lüneburg is up and shooting for “Rote Rosen” (Red Roses) is over and done with. I had the most wonderful time which I enjoyed a lot.

A successful premiere in Celle in November 2011

After the successful premiere in Hof, Göttingen and Berlin, there are some mentions of “Verlangen” (Desire).


Verlangen made it to the international film festival in Hof! Watch the trailer here.


The little German town Celle is upside down because here the new art film Verlangen (desire) is shot.


To play a puppet player is harder than I thought. As “Lea” I solve everyones problems, but who is there to solve mine? Are these puppets alive? An adult’s toy story.


I just finished the shootings for the German TV-Series “Soko Köln” (“Police Force Cologne”) and now I’m travelling to Munich, where I’m shooting the next Series “Um Himmels Willen” (“For God’s Sake”).

News, News, News

For personal reasons, I’m planning to relocate to England. I’m already commuting from Berlin to London anyway, e.g. to participate in workshops, and intend to get some additional education there.

Sunset Star

ucky Me. I exchange ice-cold grey Germany for the heat of Australia! In the roadmovie Sunset Star I play the role of the shy Jessica who travels together with her friend Andy around Down Under.


I’m synchronising a new animated series. This time it’s even more fun than usual. I’ll be doing the voices of 3 different characters using 3 different accents and pitches. I hope I don’t mix them up.


This is interesting. I’m playing the main role in a mordern silent movie in Hambourg, Germany. No language while acting, this is demanding!

Leibnitz Shooting

At the moment I’m in Barcelona! Shooting a new commercial for Leinitz-Cookies. Being paid for eating cookies. Is there any better job in the world?


Shooting my first science-fiction-movie in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m a computer with feelings! Reminded me a bit of iRobot. A shame we didn’t get Will Smith for this one.

Kill Your Darling

That’s gonna be a scary horror-film. The murderer leaves his victims alive. But he keeps ther faces by peeling off their skin. Why is it always me (nun Maria) who finds the victims?

Latest broadcasting dates

Here the latest broadcasting dates: 27.02.09, 20.15 h, “Ein Fall Für Zwei” (A Case For Two), ZDF (2nd German TV);

Mairy’s troubles

Another crimial series. “Notruf Hafenkante” (Emergency call “Hafenkante”). I play Sofia Oliviera, a Spanish girl whose family is forced to pay protection money. But Sofia is convinced to get her family out of this vicious Circle…

From “Rotzgöre” to Portuguese!

At the moment I’m shooting for the German crimial series “Ein Fall für Zwei” (A Case for two). I’ll be a disabled Serbian girl who has her secrets. Find out more by watching.

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