To play a puppet player is harder than I thought. As “Lea” I solve everyones problems, but who is there to solve mine? Are these puppets alive? An adult’s toy story.


I just finished the shootings for the German TV-Series “Soko Köln” (“Police Force Cologne”) and now I’m travelling to Munich, where I’m shooting the next Series “Um Himmels Willen” (“For God’s Sake”).

Additionally I’m commuting to Leipzig where I’m playing a highly pregnant girl in a movie about the flood in north Germany 2002 “Stilles Tal” (“The Silent Valley”).

News, News, News

For personal reasons, I’m planning to relocate to England. I’m already commuting from Berlin to London anyway, e.g. to participate in workshops, and intend to get some additional education there.

Sunset Star

Lucky Me. I exchange ice-cold grey Germany for the heat of Australia! In the roadmovie Sunset Star I play the role of the shy Jessica who travels together with her friend Andy around Down Under. An adventurous jolly declaration of love to Australia.


I’m synchronising a new animated series. This time it’s even more fun than usual. I’ll be doing the voices of 3 different characters using 3 different accents and pitches. I hope I don’t mix them up.


This is interesting. I’m playing the main role in a mordern silent movie in Hambourg, Germany. No language while acting, this is demanding!

Leibnitz Shooting

At the moment I’m in Barcelona! Shooting a new commercial for Leinitz-Cookies. Being paid for eating cookies. Is there any better job in the world?


Shooting my first science-fiction-movie in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m a computer with feelings! Reminded me a bit of iRobot. A shame we didn’t get Will Smith for this one.

Kill Your Darling

That’s gonna be a scary horror-film. The murderer leaves his victims alive. But he keeps ther faces by peeling off their skin. Why is it always me (nun Maria) who finds the victims?

Latest broadcasting dates

Here the latest broadcasting dates:

27.02.09, 20.15 h, “Ein Fall Für Zwei” (A Case For Two), ZDF (2nd German TV);
21.02.09, 20.15 h, “Immer Wirbel um Marie”, HR (regional German TV);
13.02.09, 20.15 h, “Bergdoktor” ZDF;
12.02.09, 19.25 h, “Landarzt”, ZDF;
29.01.09, 19.25 h, “Notruf Hafenkante”, ZDF.