Sarah Live Hörspiel

LIVE AUDIO PLAY – and it was dark in BERLIN

On November 25th + 26th there will be something really special for your ears: In the Speak Eazy Studios.Theatre I – together with wonderful colleagues – will breathe life into a very special radio play. “And it was dark in BERLIN” catapults us into Berlin in the late 1930s and explores the story of the Berlin S-Bahn murderer. An eerily beautiful creepy story, just right for a late, foggy autumn night in Berlin … and with me in one of the speaking roles ;-)

Live Hörspiel - Und es war dunkel in Berlin

Luzides Träumen – Erschaffe deine Traumwelt!

Lucid Dreaming – Create your dream world!

“Lucid Dreaming – Create your dream world!
Reducing everyday stress, stimulating your imagination and diving into another world that gives you positive energy? With a skill you already have? I’ll show you HOW on November 17th, from 8:00-9:30 p. m. online in my interactive & free LIVE session on “”Lucid Dreaming”” in cooperation with curaya, an online platform dedicated to holistic well-being, with tons of inspiring online talks, workshops etc.! Join my talk and learn how you you can control your dreams and become the director of your own dream reality. Live your dreams with full awareness! I’m looking forward to seeing you there:-)”

Lucid Dreaming - Create your dream world!

Lucid Dreaming with Sarah

Power Pause mit Sarah Alles

Time for a time-out

Just signing off for a sweet second amidst all the everyday hustle and bustle? Good news: The new episodes of Power Pause are out – how about having a sneak peek, taking a few minutes out of your hectic day … and relaxing.

Power break with Sarah Alles

For a power break with Sarah

Sarah Alles in neuen Folgen Wilsberg

Wilsberg – New episodes in the making!

A new round for Wilsberg, yay! I’ve been busy shooting again for a few weeks now, and I’m already looking forward to the new episodes! It’s about time :-) And of course, you can read it right here once the episodes are out and ready to watch. Safe to say: My on-screen character Isabel Wolfangel won’t be bored in her job!

Sarah Alles in new episodes Wilsberg

Sarah Alles in Wapo Bodensee (eps. 61)

WAPO Bodensee – Duds (eps. 61)

Bomb alert on Lake Constance because of a dud from World War II. What my character Steffi Sailer has to do with all that and how dramatically the tide is turning? Go find and watch episode 61 of WAPO Bodensee in the ARD online media library.

Sarah Alles in Wapo Bodensee Folge 61

Sarah Alles in SOKO Wismar

SOKO Wismar – angel or devil?

I was recently shooting for SOKO Wismar – Karoline Joost (Nike Fuhrmann) and Lars Pöhlmann (Dominic Boeer) grilled me quite a bit during the interrogation scenes! Do I have something to hide or am I innocent? I will of course keep you posted about when the episode will be aired!

Sarah Alles in SOKO Wismar

Sarah Alles

Reading is fun!

This little audio work was created in collaboration with the Reading Foundation, the writer Oliver Uschmann and my fellow actor Benno Lehmann. If you continue reading, you might have our voices in your head.


Detective work with Wilsberg

On 15 Jan, 2022, you can see me again on WILSBERG (8.15 pm, ZDF). My character, the young police officer Isabel Wolfangel, will even be doing some sleuthing this time around! A fresh pair of eyes can’t hurt, even if the inspector in question is a consummate professional like Wilsberg.

Off to Lake Constance!

Recently I’ve shot for the ARD series Wapo Bodensee (Water Police Lake Constance). I can’t share any details yet but am excited to hear what you think of my adventures with Paul Schott (Tim Wilde).

Time for Wilsberg!

On 22 May (8.15pm MET) the “Wilsberg” episode “Aus heiterem Himmel” will be airing on ZDF, featuring me as highly motivated police officer Isabel Wolfangel. Let’s see what exiting details I can find out! You can watch that episode (in German) early online at ZDF-Mediathek!