Sarah at Dr Kleist’s surgery

Prudent pregnant women regularly visit the doctor of their choice – to get routine check-ups when everything is going as planned and, at the very latest, when things start going wrong. While my pregnancy wasn’t real, I nevertheless felt quite safe in the hands of this medical team.

You can watch my visit to the surgery and everything else happening to my character right here (in German).

Beck is Back

On 12th Feb there’ll be a new episode of Beck is back on RTL at 8.15pm and I also make an appearance as a mother fighting for a donor heart to save her child’s life. This story really moved me and got me to think more about the topic. I had never really thought about becoming an organ donor, but after the shoot I decided to get registered. In Germany, that’s a simple process, it’s free and you can order a little card online which you can put in your wallet and that identifies you as a donor.

Of course that’s a highly emotional subject matter and a very personal decision. I like that we have the choice of what will happen with our bodies after we’ve passed away. If you live in Germany and want to get some more information on this topic, you can go here to find out everything you need to know.04

Sarah on TV

On Monday (28th Jan), Sat1 will show an episode of “Der Bulle und das Biest” featuring yours truly. It’s crime time: Elias, Rocky and Caro are investigating the murder of a used car salesman. The trail leads to a multitude of illegal businesses, among them a very suspicious real estate company in which I (as Diana Olvi) am selling the most expensive luxury apartments in all of Berlin.

Interview in “Discover Germany”

2019 has just begun and already there’s something to share: Discover Germany interviewed me for their latest issue (January, pages 22-23). Especially those who have been following me for a while might be interested in the part where I talk about what is planned for this year. Exciting!

You can find out more about this magazine here:

At the End of the World

I’m very excited to announce that you can soon see me in my very first American production! The movie is called Civil Twilight and as you can see we had the most picturesque setting (that also happened to be insanely COLD), namely Svalbard, in the northern-most settlement of the world. As you can imagine, it was an incredible adventure that’s almost impossible to put into words.

As if that weren’t enough, I also was lucky to act alongside wonderful colleagues like Michael Weaver (Super Troopers) and Tim Griffin (The Men who stare at Goats). A fantastic experience!


Blauhauch awakens

What happens when 9 women meet to dream? Blauhauch deal with what it means to be a woman in this day and age – something that will also be interesting for men. Twice we went into seclusion to work on the material. Now our creative baby will meet the world, in Berlin, and you can be right there with us:

4 October, 8pm:
Introduction of the collective of artists

18+19 October | 24+25 November, always at 8pm:
What silence has to say (scenic reading)

Venue: Theater unterm Dach


What would you do …?

… if your child desperately needed a heart donation, were at the top of the waiting list, but the next donor heart went to the “wrong” child due to a doctor’s mistake? That is a question I had to ask myself while working on “Beck is Back!”, where I play the mother of a gravely ill child. Is the doctor guilty of serious misconduct, giving the heart to a different child? You can decide for yourselves once this episode airs.

I’ve known Bert Tischendorf (Beck) for a couple of years from actor training. Now it has finally been possible for us to work together. Despite the serious topic, it was a very enjoyable experience.

(Photo: © MG RTL D)

Sarah pregnant?! – For now just on screen

I’m always very happy and excited to meet familiar faces and work with lovely people. This time on the German series “Familie Dr. Kleist” (Family Doctor Kleist) in which Patrick Kalupa is playing my husband. My character is a typical workaholic, always putting way too much on her plate and putting her pregnancy at risk with the resulting stress. A very modern subject matter, I think, which rings a little bit true for my own life: With everything that we are being flooded with – day in, day out – it’s often very difficult to get your priorities right.

Moormaid on Arcola Theatre London

Dreams do come true

My UK stage debut in London:

Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic to herself.
Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past.

This explosive new play about self-destruction and rebirth attempts to understand the fear currently gripping the European psyche, and the threats that may be posed by our own alienated youth.



My first apperance in an action movie and yes, I am a little proud 😉