Moormaid on Arcola Theatre London

Dreams do come true

My UK stage debut in London:

Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic to herself.
Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past.

This explosive new play about self-destruction and rebirth attempts to understand the fear currently gripping the European psyche, and the threats that may be posed by our own alienated youth.



My first apperance in an action movie and yes, I am a little proud 😉


Again on TV

On saturday 14th october, 19:25 h – 20:15 h at ZDF
(Repeat: 15th october 5:10 h at ZDF)

This time in the German Series Dr. Klein (Dr. Small): This episode is about the young P.E. teacher Monika Gerlach (played by moi) who has fallen in love with her student and secretly has an affair with him. When his mother (played by Isabelle Gerschke) finds out, a huge fight is about to start and soon no one knows the boundary between right and wrong anymore.

It was wonderful to meet my old colleague Isabell again.

Blue Breath

13 women – one project: We want put dreams on stage! We want to take our audience with us to a magical Dreamworld. Have a look.

Blauhauch // Blue Breath // Le Songe Bleu from Jazz Meyer on Vimeo.

Here is how you can help us:

Akte Ex

Rebroadcast „Heiter bis Tödlich – Akte Ex“

For the night owls among you: Always in the night from Monday to Tuesday around 1.00 clock run in the RBB the repetitions from “Heiter bis Tödlich – Akte Ex”.

The last broadcast is on 18 September (episode 16).

A view into paradise

A visit to paradise

Always wanted to take a visit to paradise? No problem: On 16th and 17th jeweils at 8 p.m. in Berlin at the wonderful Theater unterm Dach” you get a nice view of it.

Ein Blick ins ParadiesAccompany us on a audio-visual trip into the Garden of Eden. Silver-tongued, lovely and garanteed enlightening. With the one and only Charles Rettinghaus and the creative brain Benno Lehmann. Together we rock this scenic reading based on Mark Twain’s “Diary of Adam und Eve“.

The reading will be in German!

“This new being with its long hair always disturbes. It’ always waiting for me and doesn’t stop following. It never stops talking.“
– Adam –

“The whole week I was following him. I had to talk because he is shy, but I am ok with that. He seemed to like having me around.“
– Eve –

Looking forward to see you guys!

Bad girl


14th July 18:05 h at ZDF (German Television) you can discover a completely different side of me. In Soko Stuttgart I play a drug addict that quickly is the main suspect of her drug dealer’s murder.

Sarah Alles in *Querfeldein*

Querfeldein (cross-country)

Just finished the shooting of my latest festival film „Querfeldein“ (“cross-country“). It was very demanding, but highly rewarding. It tells the story of Isa, an athlete who gets MS. The film is also about how a such a disease probably will affect her relationship.

Do you think a happy end is possible for Isa?

The Shooting was very emotiona and I am incredibly grateful for this experience. Sometimes I forget, how lucky I am, just because I get up every morning so fit and well. This film reminded me of it. Thank you Marco Baumhof (director) and Adrian Topol (male lead) for sharing and discovering the story of Isa with me.

Photos: Paul Bullinger

Sarah goes Hollywood?!?

Sarah Alles in London

Well, first I start in London. Very curious what happens from here.

So proud to be represented by Irving Street Management.


Love Boat (Traumschiff)


Who wants to spend Christmas with me?

You only have to receive German Television. On 26th December 20:15h on ZDF you will see me in Love Boat (Traumschiff).

Traveling to Macau – also known as the Chinese Las Vegas –  crew and passengers will face some little adventures: The star crosses lovers Kim and Nadja (played by me) are both working on the ship. She as chambermaid and he as cook’s assistant. But the F&B Manager doesn’t like couples on bord and in addition he would rather date Nadja himself. When it turns out that someone left open the lobster freezer he unfairly fires Kim who will have to leave the ship. But Nadja has other plans…