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Sarah Alles

#gegenGewalt on TikTok

Sarah recently joined TikTok as @sarah_alles and started off her time there as part of a campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. If you understand a bit of German, she’ll give you some pointers about how to best defend yourself and show that “Don’t dress like that!” and “Just […]

Appearing on Wilsberg

Celebrations are in order! I’m happy to announce that the shoot for the funny crime series “Wilsberg” starring Leonard Lansink, which was set to happen in March/April, will now finally be taking place in August. You’ll see me as a young and very motivated policewoman.

Sarah Classics: Immer Wirbel um Marie

In 2008 I was part of a made-for-TV musical drama, “Immer Wirbel um Marie”, which ARD showed again this May. It is available in their Mediathek until 2 Aug 2020. The movie tells the heartwarming story of bookseller Marie who is struggling to make ends meet and finds herself facing off against the owner of […]

New audiobook: “Der Unfall”

A road accident, A new love, A secluded house. At Audible you can hear me read Andree Metzler’s gripping new thriller “Der Unfall” (The Accident), which you can also find at Amazon – only in German though. What’s it about? Meli van Bergen is a successful real estate agent. She lives her life on the […]

At the André McFly Show

So I’ve landed on the moon. A strange statement, you think? Here you can find out more about it (don’t worry, I haven’t joined a cult): in the 29th episode of the McFly Show. (image: https://show.andre-mcfly.de/)

Interview on Quotenmeter

A new year, a new interview! Well okay, this one was published at the end of last year. I’m hopeful though that you’ll still find it interesting. In the interview (in German) you’ll find out more about my criteria for choosing a role.

Appearing on Webtalkshow

I was a guest at Webtalkshow hosted by Nico Gutjahr and talked, among other things, about my latest trip on the “Traumschiff” (Dream Boat) and about its new captain, Florian Silbereisen. You can listen to the interview (in German) here.

Um Himmels Willen – Rerun

Today they showed a rerun of the episode “Jung gefreit” (Married Young) of the show UM HIMMELS WILLEN (For Heaven’s Sake) on WDR. In it I play Christa, a girl whose wedding cannot come (or be cancelled) soon enough, depending on who you ask. You can watch it here at WDR’s media library.

Sarah at sea

Those following me on Instagram and/or Facebook have already heard it: The episode of “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück” (“Cruise toward happiness”) will be aired soon. I play Annalena, who is on her honeymoon and faces the prospect of having to reveal a big secret. Beautiful landscapes and dramatic and romantic moments are guaranteed! You can catch […]

Sarah @ BB Radio Mitternachtstalk

For those of you who understand German, you can catch me tonight at BB Radio’s midnight talk where I’ll be interviewed by Jens Herrmann. If that’s too late for you (because some of us really do need that good night’s sleep), don’t stress, you can find the recording at their website HERE (in German).

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