At the start of the year, a new self-defence app arrived at the iOS app store: MIGHTY. It is primarily targeted at women and I helped illustrate the moves. Here you can download it and train with me as I present some of the workouts. There a one week trial to try it out.

Cross-Country international, part 2

Cross-Country is travelling the Balkans. The film in which I portray Isabella, a young woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis will be part of the programme at the 17th Film Festival Seize the Film in Novi Sad (Serbia). The festival will then travel on to Rijeka (Croatia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegowina) and Kotor (Montenegro).

For 17 years Seize the Film has been working towards raising awareness for and supporting the cause of people with disabilities. We are very proud to be a part of this festival this year and be able to do our small share internationally.

A wedding in paradise

The shoot for the German TV series Das Traumschiff – Kreuzfahrt ins Glück (“The Dreamboat”) took place in a gorgeous part of France called Normandy. Wonderful colleagues, among them “my fiancé”, played by Ben Blaskovic, made this experience one to remember (even though on some days I felt like I was melting).

Sarah at Dr. Schmidt’s surgery

It’s time again to go see the doctor. In the episode “Wedding Day” of the German comedy series Schmidt – Chaos auf Rezept I play kindergarten teacher Maya who would like to get some antibiotics and is perfectly fine providing a urine sample that proves to contain a little surprise. What’s that gonna be? Meanwhile, her suitor Dennis is lying in her apartment, physically hurt and in need of help. Things are definitely more than a bit fishy …

Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 11.10 pm (MEST) on RTL.

Cross-Country international

Our short Cross-Country (sometimes also titled “off road” internationally) will be travelling: this time to Brussels (Belgium) for The Extraordinary Film Festival (time to break out the French subtitles) and to Poland for the 16. European Film Festival Integration You and Me in Koszalin.

Both festivals deal with the big topic disability and a small selection of the latter will be shown to EU delegates. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will get the chance to shine a light on the situation of people living with multiple sclerosis with our film.

PANDORA at Genrenale 6

5 May 2019 at 2pm, UCI Colosseum (Berlin): At this year’s Genrenale they will show the short film PANDORA in which I play Sherman, member of the Resistance, who is searching for a girl with supernatural powers.

This will be one of the last times this film will be shown on the big screen and it is in fantastic company, so you should definitely check it out. Some of the team and myself will be there as well. You can buy your ticket here.

How to flirt your way into hospital

Having the hots for the son of the head physician at the local hospital can get you premium treatment on the operating table. How that comes about, you can see in the episode “Ein grünes Herz” (A green heart) of the German TV series In aller Freundschaft here on ARD Mediathek.

Sarah at Dr Kleist’s surgery

Prudent pregnant women regularly visit the doctor of their choice – to get routine check-ups when everything is going as planned and, at the very latest, when things start going wrong. While my pregnancy wasn’t real, I nevertheless felt quite safe in the hands of this medical team.

You can watch my visit to the surgery and everything else happening to my character right here (in German).

Beck is Back

On 12th Feb there’ll be a new episode of Beck is back on RTL at 8.15pm and I also make an appearance as a mother fighting for a donor heart to save her child’s life. This story really moved me and got me to think more about the topic. I had never really thought about becoming an organ donor, but after the shoot I decided to get registered. In Germany, that’s a simple process, it’s free and you can order a little card online which you can put in your wallet and that identifies you as a donor.

Of course that’s a highly emotional subject matter and a very personal decision. I like that we have the choice of what will happen with our bodies after we’ve passed away. If you live in Germany and want to get some more information on this topic, you can go here to find out everything you need to know.04

Sarah on TV

On Monday (28th Jan), Sat1 will show an episode of “Der Bulle und das Biest” featuring yours truly. It’s crime time: Elias, Rocky and Caro are investigating the murder of a used car salesman. The trail leads to a multitude of illegal businesses, among them a very suspicious real estate company in which I (as Diana Olvi) am selling the most expensive luxury apartments in all of Berlin.